Shem Seminar - Yikra B'Shmi Chapter 11 PDF


Shem Seminar - Yikra B'Shmi Chapter 11 PDF

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“It is well known that in all matters of meditation, one must be alone with nothing to disturb his concentration.  A man must meditate using his entire essence, actually separating his spirit from his body.  He must become as if he has left the physical world entirely, he must be completely spirit.  The more one separates from the physical (conscious) world, the more his meditative ability will increase.  If one should hear someone calling him, or just talking, anything that can disturb concentration, even a thought in his mind about the physical world, these will prevent his soul from clinging to that above.  He will not be able to achieve anything.  For a man cannot partake of the upper holiness, as long as he has even a hair's breath of connection to the physical world.

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