Extraterrestrials & UFOs in Light of Torah


Extraterrestrials & UFOs in Light of Torah

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Got guts? Not afraid of what "might be" in the dark?  This book documents according to Torah sources how we are not only not alone in our universe, we are not even alone on our own planet.  If you have any interest in this topic, you must read this book.  The references are all documented and cannot be disputed. Whether or not you will wish to believe what you own eyes read, that is another story...  PDF online E-book auto download.  An in-depth Orthodox review of the modern UFO phenomena in light of the teachings of the Rabbis and Kabbalists.  This work reviews the Torah beliefs of life in outer space. It also addresses from a kosher Torah viewpoint the allegations of close encounters, aliens abductions, crop circles, and government conspiracies.  This book contains involved teachings about angels, demons, alternate dimensions, meditative practice, and many other peripheral issues that are sure to be a real eye opener.

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