The New Sefer Yetzirah Course, Lesson 7


The New Sefer Yetzirah Course, Lesson 7

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Sefer Yetzirah, Lesson 7

The Amukot Depths

All the universe exists as a singular organism, yet its parameters are beyond the confines of human experience. Existence consists of time, space, and mind, referred to in this selection as the Amukot Depths. Each parameter can be compared to the circumference, and diameter of a circle. Where one begins, and where one ends depends upon one's point of reference. Points of reference need to be explored, and when done, one discovers the Depths of the reality of nature itself. Although the fullness of depths can never be reached one nevertheless walks the path, to eventually discover and experience the Singularity of the universe, that indeed guides all. In the Orient, the Singularity in nature is called the Dao, in our Torah, we call it the Halakha, and the Shekhina. How this is explored and experienced via letter permutation (Abulaifian) techniques is discussed in this lesson. This lesson also combines the teaching of the Ari'zal with the original cosmological teachings of this text, as well as modern psychological applications, and insights.

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