The New Sefer Yetzirah Course, Lesson 6


The New Sefer Yetzirah Course, Lesson 6

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Sefer Yetzirah, Class 6 – Understanding with Wisdom, Being Wise in Understanding.

After outlining the creative nature of the Ten Sefirot in the previous section, this lesson teaches the student how to use the creative element through the power of oscillating thought.

Ten, and not nine, or eleven is discussed to question whether the Keter, which is above consciousness should even be considered as part of the thought process. Being that the collective Higher Self, the archetype Metatron is the Shekhina, and the Sefirah Malkhut, how and why is it right to include this among the Sefirot. Discussion of whether the Sefirot are part of God, or creations of God, and why this difference is important; a brief mention of the history of the Christian trinity, and how some see its relationship to the Sefirot.

The process of oscillating consciousness for the sake of intellectual revelation, and creation. How this is practiced through the means of testing, and experimentation. This lesson focuses on the text's practical instructions for expanding consciousness, and the procedures for establishing and maintaining mental clarity, and emotional balance.

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