The New Sefer Yetzirah Course, Lesson 5


The New Sefer Yetzirah Course, Lesson 5

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Sefer Yetzirah, Class 5

The Covenant of the Ten and the Two Forms of Creation.

Creation is not metaphysical, supernatural, or magical. Meditation is for a purpose, to extract from the unconscious the creative idea and to materialize it into an appropriate physical form. This class discusses the relationship between the symbolic relationship of the hands, and the tongue, the toes and the sexual organ. All references to these body parts are understood as symbols reflecting a dynamic of interactions between one's inner creative power, and one's personal external expressions of said power. Religious people create within the religious context. Artists, musicians, and scientists each create, in the same way, within their individual, relative fields.

This class also introduces Mishna 4, and the usage of the powers of the whole mind to test, and explore reality, with the intent to extract from the mind practical, and realistic forms to create. This instruction sums up in brief the entire purpose, and practice of the text.

Reference is also made of Abulafia's automatic writing techniques, and other meditative forms used by Rabbis.

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