The New Sefer Yetzirah Course, Lesson 2


The New Sefer Yetzirah Course, Lesson 2

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Sefer Yetzirah, Lesson 2

The Three Sefarim.

What is the meaning, and significance of the number 32? More so what is “wisdom,” and why is it “wondrous”? What is the “engraving”? Why does the text elaborate ten “Names” of God, as opposed to one being enough?

Reading from the commentaries of Sa'adiah Gaon, Avraham Abulafia, and the RaVaD. Reference to the Yod, the primordial form (golem), and its relationship to the concealed realms in the universe, and the mind. Understanding the relationship of the macrocosm, and microcosm.

The Three Sefarim. Are they “book, reader and story,” or are they “letters, numbers, and creation.” Is there really a difference between the two?

This lesson begins our journey into the wonders of the imagination, from which comes forth all thought, and passion that are the building blocks of the inner and outer worlds.

We conclude with a coded understanding of the text, discovering within it a hidden reference to the 42 Letter Name (of Ma'aseh Bereshit).

The class worksheet elaborates a uniquely Abulafian technique of intermingling a triad of renditions of the 42 Letter Name to construct a combination of letters that can be used for meditative, and/or contemplative purposes.

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