The New Sefer Yetzirah Course, Lesson 1


The New Sefer Yetzirah Course, Lesson 1

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The Sefer Yetzirah? Who wrote it? Abraham, Jeremiah, Ben Sira, R. Akiva, or a later anonymous author? What is the purpose of a pseudepigrapha. Synopsis of the individual chapters. 1. Sefirot, 2. Letters, 3. Amesh, 4. Beged Kaporet, 5. the Twelve, 6. the Outer World. Alternative meaning of “sefirot” referring to numbers, not emanations. The combinations of letters form all words in all languages. The relationship of the cosmological, astronomical, astrological and anatomical, and how this system is the foundation of holistic medicine, the likes of which were practiced in the ancent world, and even today in oriental medicine. The original meaning of the text was to teach Sodot Ma'aseh Bereshit, the secrets of creation. However, we find that these secrets may indeed take us into the realms of science and mathematics, more than into the realms of mysticism, and meditation.

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