Sha'ar Ruah HaKodesh, Lesson 5


Sha'ar Ruah HaKodesh, Lesson 5

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Seeing/Sensing the Holy Name YHWH in Nature Sparks of holiness exist in everything, everywhere. Sparks of holiness are the Divine light. The Divine light is the essence of God. God is YHWH. God is cloaked in the Torah. Therefore, there is YHWH, and there is Torah in everything, everywhere. This is what the Kabbalah of the Ari'zal teaches. Secrets of the Torah can be learned from everything in nature, this is because of what is called the Exile of the Torah. This lesson explains why and how. Holiness is an energy calibration that aligns human consciousness with the indwelling Divine Force (spark, Shekhina) within all things. Everything has within it sparks of holiness, everything has “above” it a higher spiritual counterpart, which serves as its angel. Everything therefore can reveal hidden aspects of universal Torah, and even reveal future events prior to their occurrence. Higher spiritual counterparts always communicate with human beings within the context of one's of culture and traditions. Secret of totems, animal spirit guides, and native shamans.

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