Sha'ar Ruah HaKodesh, Lesson 4


Sha'ar Ruah HaKodesh, Lesson 4

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Seeing/Sensing the Holy Name YHWH A review and expansion of the YHWH visualization practice outlined in my book, Walking in the Fire, Sec. 3, Chap. 5. How one sees the Name YHWH throughout one's body. Visualizing the Name is used as an archetype for sensing God consciousness in all things. Mention of the function and purpose of the Shiviti (also discussed in Walking in the Fire). How to use the Name YHWH for authentic and real “Kabbalistic” healing. How this practice and technique can be used through both space and time. The necessary focus and discipline to cultivate proper sensitivity to experience God consciousness, how this is to be accomplished. How to sense and see YHWH in all things, everywhere, to sense Divine awareness and communication in all things, everywhere, how this defines God consciousness, and teaches one how to practice it. How to use the Name YHWH as a psychic tool for global betterment, in projecting it wherever the Divine light and energy is needed.

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