Sha'ar Ruah HaKodesh, Lesson 1


Sha'ar Ruah HaKodesh, Lesson 1

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An introduction into the powers of thought, and a practical definition of yichudim and kavanot, what they really mean, and how they are to be properly performed. It is clear that the medical reading of pulses as practices in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), or some form thereof, was known to our author, Rabbi Hayim Vital in the late 16th century. Medical pulse readings diagnose physical ailments. The Ari'zal taught that pulse readings, when performed as he did them, also revealed illnesses of the soul, one's sins, and spiritual blemishes. The life force energy in the body is explained in terms of the theoretical Kabbalah. We explain these terms and define them in a practical, realistic way showing their psychological applications. According to the Tikunei Zohar there are ten forms of pulse, corresponding to the ten vowels used with the Hebrew alphabet. Each vowel relates to a sefirah, which then reveals where there is a blemish in the individual's soul. Learning to read this is not a science, but an art. This class explain practical and relevant instruction how one can cultivate the necessary psychic, intuitive insight and sensitivity to be able to read, and interpret pulse readings with the Ari'zal context of blemishes of the soul.

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