Secrets of Redemption & the Mashiah Ben Yosef, Lesson 1


Secrets of Redemption & the Mashiah Ben Yosef, Lesson 1

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A profound lesson using deep Kabbalistic metaphors to describe psychological interactions occurring within the mind of collective humanity. This lesson describes these deep powers within us and how they can be tapped to transform the world. The lesson discusses the story related in the Book of Esther, the foundation of the Purim holiday. The lesson speaks about the symbolic relationship of the sefirotic Partzufim ZA and NOK, and how, in the state of exile, the two are said to be in a “back-to-back” relationship. During this time of exile, the sefirotic Partzuf of ZA is said to be “asleep.” Yet, this sleep is a good thing for Israel because it is at this time that the Mohin of Abba and Imma which naturally would go to ZA, bypass him in his slumber and go directly to her. All this profound symbolism boils down to some very relevant and practical lessons that each of us should take to heart. The power of redemption, at least internally, is in our hands. Also discussed in the original nature of anti-Semitism, and the relationship of the Biblical Haman to the evil nazi, Adolph Hitler.

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