Sacred Eating


Sacred Eating

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Sacred eating is all about healthy living and its relationship to spiritual sensitivity. The source of this material is what makes it so authoritative and important. The directives in this lesson come directly from an angel of Heaven. Our Hebrew text is the classical spiritual journal penned by the great author of the Code of Jewish Law, the Shulkhan Arukh, Rabbi Yosef Karo. The greatest of Halakhic authorities was also a master meditator of the prophetic school. Through a secret process of chanting upon the words of the Mishna, Rabbi Karo made regular contact with the Voice of the Shekhina from Beyond. The Rabbi was taught numerous things about Torah, mitzvot and proper living. He compiled all his channeled material and entitled it MAGID MESHARIM. The lesson begins with an introduction into Rabbi Karo and his Shulkhan Arukh and the nature of Halakha. This establishes for us Rabbi Karo's authority in relating these matters. Then we discuss the relevant issues. Eating is supposed to be holy. Over-eating is a grievous sin. No one who is grossly overweight can be spiritually sensitive. It is simply naturally impossible. This lesson explains to us the value of proper eating, for weekdays and Shabat. It also teaches us about the proper usage of fasting for health and spiritual purposes. Anybody with an eating problem should listen to this lesson over and over again until one's problem is under control. Heaven has spoke, Rabbi Karo has recorded it, all I have done is translated it; now it is up to you to DO IT!

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