Book of Samuel, Chapters 5 - 7


Book of Samuel, Chapters 5 - 7

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1 Samuel 5-7 The dangerous Ark of the Covenant. The Ark in the hands of the Philistines. Placing it in their Temple, was it an act of pride in victory, or an act of respect that they showed a god. The Ark emanates great powers and inflicts serious suffering on those around it. The Philistines respect the God of Israel and eventually seek to placate its terrible powers. This episode is the only Biblical account where it can be said that God was a real in the a**. Lessons about showing respect to God and how even today we are to placate Heaven with acts of self-sacrifice. Public question: what is a golden hemorrhoid? The Ark is returned to Israel, the supernatural behavior of the cows. The offense and death of the local Israelites. The Ark is absolutely not to be trifled with. Was the Ark an electromagnetic conductor? Where is the Ark today? Legends of under the Temple Mount, and the Ark in Inner Earth. The defeat of the Philistines in battle using some form of sound technology that disoriented the mind.

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