Book of Samuel, Chapters 29-31. Finale


Book of Samuel, Chapters 29-31. Finale

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1 Samuel 29-31. The Defeat of Israel, the Suicide of Saul, David & Ziklag. This lesson concludes out studies in the Book of First Samuel. Was David really going to join a Philistine assault on his own people? It was a blessing that he was turned back and not allowed to fight. Ziklag, destroyed by the Amalekite. Why does tragedy strike the righteous? The army splits, but the booty is for all. All for one, one for all! The motto of the righteous. Israel is defeated. Saul in panic attempts to commit suicide, an act of honor similar to what occurred centuries later at Matzada. His body is mutilated by the enemy and publicly displayed. Under cover of darkness, his remains are rescued and cremated before the burial of his bones. Mention is made to the laws of suicide and cremation in Torah.

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