Book of Samuel, Chapters 27 & 28


Book of Samuel, Chapters 27 & 28

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1 Samuel 27-28. David, Marauding among the Philistines, Saul, the Witch and the Seance. David continues to act with stealth and wisdom, strengthening himself and watching his back. David acts like a “red-beard” pirate, impressing his Philistine host. Sensing pending doom, Saul seeks to consult God, but is ignored by Heaven. Saul consults a medium, the witch of Endor to conduct for him a séance. Through means not described, she conjures the ghost of the prophet Samuel. We discuss exactly what is a ghost, distinguishing between the Neshama soul and the Nefesh life-force energy. Saul's fate is sealed. Even though the witch practiced an occult art forbidden by the Torah, her occultic practice still worked. This class explains why.

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