Spiritual Retreat, Lesson 4


Spiritual Retreat, Lesson 4

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Synagogue or Temple, Shielding the Light Avraham ben Rambam's Guide to Serving God, Chapter 13, Spiritual Retreat, Lesson 4 R. Avraham's continued commentary on Psalm 84. He makes a very strong statement against hypocritical behavior performed in Synagogues, deploring the lack of focus and intent on prayer, and a general lack of respect for both Torah and God. He places emphasis how prayer and meditation is too focus on the development of one's inner Temple, and how from this inner place of psychological balance and harmony one can come to have an experience of the Divine Light. Experiencing Divine Light follows the path of nature itself. The sun does not rise all at once, but rises as a process beginning with dawn and going through to sunrise. So too does the experience of the Divine encounter not happen all at once, but develops in stages based upon one's personal development of inner balance, emotional maturity, and mental clarity. Also discussed is an important issue in Jewish law, when should one pray alone, and not at the Synagogue. One should also read this. http://koshertorah.com/PDF/Daven-alone.pdf

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