Spiritual Retreat, Lesson 3


Spiritual Retreat, Lesson 3

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Avraham ben Rambam – Guide to Serving God, Chapter 13, Spiritual Retreat Lesson 3 – Building in the Inner Temple of God. R. Avraham's commentary on Psalm 84, and how it must be interpreted as a cry of the soul. Readings from Quadrant, the Jungian journal for Analytical Psychology. The psychology of meditation, the reorientation of psychic energy from a state of widespread diffusion (and weakness), to a state of focus and strength. The Temple is ruins and exile are symbolic metaphors for a psychological state wherein which one is disconnected from one's inner self. Rebuilding the Temple is the psychological process of reconnecting with our inner selves and with God. The coming of Mashiah is also a psychological state, as is stated by the Ba'al Shem Tov. Before Mashiah can come to the world, Mashiah consciousness must first be realized in the individual soul. The desire for the Temple, the House of God, is the desire within the heart to experience the spiritual encounter. This is the purpose of spiritual retreat.

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