Understanding the Symbols of the Theoretical Kabbalah, Lesson 2


Understanding the Symbols of the Theoretical Kabbalah, Lesson 2

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Kabbalah is full of symbols just like is math. One needs to understand (and not misunderstand) the symbols and what they represent in order to make proper use of the system. As it is with math, so it is with Kabbalah. Reading from Kabbalistic Visions, C.G. Jung and Jewish Mysticism, by Sanford L. Drob. The symbols of the Kabbalah are describing the realities within the human psyche. Adam Kadmon is an archetypal image of the “supernal man,” of higher Self with us. What happens with Adam Kadmon is the beginning of conscious thought and it materializes within the collective and individual human psyche. Consciousness begins with thought. Thought begins with form. Form is symbolized by the “letter” that forms words. Letters (in Hebrew) and applied to them musical sounds (ta'amim), vowels, and crowns. When applied to consciousness, these become symbols to express the progression of thought from theoretical to actual. (TaNTA) God is the source of all levels of human reality, the spiritual, intellectual, emotional and the physical. Yet in order to differentiate the Divine movement in these different realms, the Name of God, YHWH, is spelled in an expanded form with the numerical values of 72, 63, 45 and 52. (AB, SAG, MAH, BEN). Being that we are discussing the creation of the concept of manifest thought, thought is said to first manifest in both theoretical and practical forms. This is symbolized by the progression of “light' through the 'ears,” “nose,” and “mouth” of AK. (AHaF).

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