Proverbs 4


Proverbs 4

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Proverbs 3:5-28 – God Only Smacks Those Whom He Loves. The quantum nature of existence explains why Torah has multiple facets of expression. Trusting in God requires of us recognizing the quantum flux in perceived reality, and how a change in perception can lead to a change in reality. This can only be performed in the heart, where the mind transcends the limits of human intellect. Natural living brings about natural cures. Walking with God = God walking with us. The natural way of cosmic Halakha (the way). Appreciate what we have by giving our best, and passing it on. God squeezes one when one becomes stuck in a place from which one needs to love on. This is why God sometimes “smacks” us. It is to get us to move naturally. When we do move naturally, and live naturally, all natural balance is restored, with all the peace of mind and body that it entails.

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