Kabbalistic Pesah, Lesson 3 (audio)


Kabbalistic Pesah, Lesson 3 (audio)

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Three lessons covering the SECRETS OF THE EXILE IN EGYPT AND THE EXODUS – reincarnation, rectifying souls, the levels of Divine involvement based upon human behavior. (Taken from the book Ma'aseh Hoshev by Rabbi Avraham Azulai. Also covered is the FAMOUS SEGULAH OF RABBI SHIMSHON OF ASTROPOLI. This is the Rabbi's secret insights into the nature of the angelic powers used by HaShem to bring about redemption. The reading of the material is considered so important that it is usually published in the standard Sephardi Pesah Mahzor designed to be read every Erev Pesah. These two texts are being covered in full, translated into English and explained with a practical and complete commentary. This is great and profound knowledge made simple and is designed to be shared at your Seder table. All text material is online (in the original Hebrew) and can be downloaded to follow along with the class.

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