Lesson 3 - TaNT'O and AS'MaB


Lesson 3 - TaNT'O and AS'MaB

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Lesson 3 – TaNT'O and AS'MaB

There is YHWH above and YHWH below, God and Man. Each is a reflection of the other, macrocosm opposite microcosm.

Form is a construct of letters, similar to that taught in the Sefer Yetzirah. Letters are harmonic frequencies transcending any and every language. To say that God speaks Hebrew, or created the universe using Hebrew is only a metaphor, not to be taken literally. Letters have audio elements, and physical elements to them. These are the song, vowels, crowns, and forms. These lesson describes the cosmological, and psychological aspects of these elements.

This lesson then describes the nature of the human perception of God, or God within. God is experienced within the human context in four unique ways, corresponding to the human unconscious, and rational minds, the human heart, and the physical form. The Name of God YHWH is therefore written in four different forms (AB, SAG, MAH, and BEN) to identify each level and each psychological construct.

This lesson explains Hayim Vital's intricate terminologies, and how he came about to experience them with the states of his own contemplative meditations.


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