Secrets of Observance, Part 3


Secrets of Observance, Part 3

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Sha'ar HaMitzvot, Hakdamah Two school of Kabbalistic thought, one interprets the metaphors and symbols used by the Ari'zal in a semi-literal way, and the other school interprets these symbols are being psychological, inner constructs within the human experience. This second school is the way of the Ba'al Shem Tov (S.B.S.T. Va'et'hanan), and followed here at KosherTorah. Kabbalistic symbols must be understood as the metaphors that they are, and understood in their proper psychological context. The meaning and function of a Sefirotic Partzuf, what they are. What/who is Abba, Imma, ZA and Nok. This lesson explains exactly what is a Yihud, and how one is properly performed, and the results of such a mental construct. The relationship of negative (thou shalt not) commandments to the letters Yod and Hey of the Name YHWH, and their corresponding meaning within academic/psychic cerebral functions. How Mitzvah becomes YHWH. The symbols of the Milui and the Ahorayim, how they are formed, and what they mean. For more information on these, and charts showing them, please consult my e-book, Basic Kabbalistic Concepts and Terminologies. The Kabbalistic understanding as to why women are exempt from performing certain commandments that are time-based. The meaning of the Partzufim Ya'akov, Leah and Rahel, and how these symbols are used to describe elements of human experience and psychology.

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