Secrets of Observance, Part 2


Secrets of Observance, Part 2

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A review of the variant opinions and disagreement between rationalism and mysticism, with regards to whether or not commandments be fulfilled with specific intent (kavana) within them in order to be considered fulfilled. The Kabbalistic/Hasidic view is that ritual observance requires internal intent. It is never enough to merely perform the ritual, one must perform it intentionally. Examples of this are given. What it means to rectify the supernal worlds, this is explained in full practical, psychological detail extracted from all the Kabbalistic metaphors. How prayer and Torah study should be performed for the sake of influencing the collective, as opposed to just serving one's individual needs or desires. The secrets of the correlation of the Negative Commandments with the domains of concealed thought (Yod Hey), and the Positive Commandments with the domains of passion and action (Vav Hey). A full psychological, meditative explanation of the meaning of the NaHiY Mohin of Imma entering into the HaBaD Mohin of ZA. All Kabbalistic metaphors are explaining realities within human consciousness, this class explains these in a completely revelatory, and practical way. This is an important class for understanding the mechanics of psychological meditation.

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