Many Messiahs - Ben David, Ben Yosef and Ben Aharon?


Many Messiahs - Ben David, Ben Yosef and Ben Aharon?

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We discuss the Biblical concept of Messiah and understand it in its proper form as a renewal of the Davidic monarchy and Jewish independence from foreign and secular rule. We delve into the teachings of the Qumran community and the Essenes with their beliefs based upon Ezekiel's prophecy that there should be a Messiah of Aharon (the priestly line). We continue to discuss the historical character of Yeshu HaNotzri (Jesus) and his family and movement the original Nazarenes (Ebionites). We explain what their concept of Messiah was and what they wanted Yeshu to be. This lesson shows what the original faith of Yeshu closest followers, Peter, James and John was how it was radically different from later Christianity. We explain details here that show how the original followers of Yeshu were certainly not Christian by today's standards and certainly would not have ascribed to modern Christianity's concepts about the Messiah. We discuss the role of the Nazarenes in promoting the Civil War against Rome and what actually led to the schism between Judaism and the followers of Yeshu. The schism was originally political in nature, not religious. We discuss the radical ancient Jewish origins of Paul. We then discuss how the concept of the dying Messiah of Yosef developed and how it has been understood by Jews and Christians through the centuries. This lesson is certainly iconoclastic. However this is not a challenge or attack on anyone's faith. Faith is sacred and above reproach. This lesson merely deals with facts of history that can be documented and in most cases validated. This lesson serves as a bridge between the Jewish and Christian communities and will definitely answer for all to hear why Jews are not Christians and why Jews do not believe that Yeshu was the Messiah.

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