Magidim - Spiritual Guides, Lesson 4


Magidim - Spiritual Guides, Lesson 4

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This series of four lessons is based upon the books Sha’ar Ruah HaKodesh and Sha’arei Kedusha of Rabbi Hayim Vital, supplemented with material from my own book Yikra B’Shmi (Call Upon My Name) and the writings of Rabbi Yehuda Fatiyah of Jerusalem. In this course I discuss the practical psychological realities of spiritual guides and how and when they manifest. This mini-course discusses real and practical things and serves as a “hands-on” guide to this material. Every human being has a Magid, whether or not one’s is good or bad, true or false depends upon a lot of things. That is what this series is all about. It includes practical and easy-to-follow meditations that everyone can use.

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