Parshat Ki Tavo


Parshat Ki Tavo

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Parshat Ki Tavo – Secrets of YH, the Source of Blessings and VH, the Source of Curses. Readings from Yaakov Abuhatzera, the Chernobler Rebbe, and the Ba'al Shem Tov. There exists good and evil. Symbolically speaking good comes from the 2 first letters of God's Name and evil from the 2nd two. God's Name YHWH is understood as a code for the entire psychological construct within man. Evil can be addressed and neutralized by following the metaphor uniting the letters YH with WH in perfect union. Sexual imbalances are addressed, including issues of homosexuality. The Sabbath is a sign, and it is also a Name of God, how proper Sabbath observance practically changes the world. Ba'al Shem Tov's great rule, all life must move forward, or else it will move backward. Like the angels, we never stay stagnant.

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