Gateway to Kabbalah, Lesson 5


Gateway to Kabbalah, Lesson 5

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Lesson 5, Malkhut, the Finale. The physical world, the purpose of creation. This physical world congeals within it all the higher dimensional realms and is directed by opposing forces. There are the angels of Elohim and then there are the angels of YHWH. They do not always get along. Their state of imbalance reflects the general state of imbalance presently experienced here in Malkhut. When the entire sefirotic pattern is internalized and and expressed outwardly, we create the circumstances that can bring about fundamental evolution, the coming of the Messiah. In this class, I also read from my book, Basic Kabbalistic Concepts, the selection on the Ten Sefirot. Thus we speak about Malkhut and then review all the sefirot and put everything in to its proper place.

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