Gateway to Kabbalah, Lesson 4


Gateway to Kabbalah, Lesson 4

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The revealed force of balance (Tiferet) expresses itself first as a force of compulsion, exhibiting a natural sense of imposition of the right and proper way, this is Netzah. This natural force of imposition is not for its own sake, but rather for the benefit (Hod) of those receiving it. When natural harmony and balance is embraced, there are great natural benefits, this is the glory (Hod) of God. When all is well and in balance the natural force of Tiferet reveals its latent powers as pure and potent creative life-force energy (nefesh/ruah/chi/libido). These create a psychological foundation enabling one so balanced to receive Tiferet revelation. This is prophecy. Netzah is imposed by the Metatron collective and Hod is disseminated by the Sandalphon collective. These two are the cherubim on the Ark of the Covenant. These are the ones contacted by those practicing the Merkava traditions. Sefirot are not theoretical concepts, they are actual energy forces. They can be experienced, but never understood.

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