Gateway to Kabbalah, Lesson 1


Gateway to Kabbalah, Lesson 1

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Lesson 1 - An introduction into the topic of the Ten Sefirot and how it was developed over many centuries. This book introduces us into Kabbalistic concepts before they were forever changed by the teachings of the Zohar and later Kabbalists. The Sefirot are here introduced in accordance to the Sefer Yetzirah and goals of meditation, and not concepts for philosophical contemplations. The beginning of all things. The Singularity of all. What we cannot say about God, the ultimate Unknowable. Not even the Angels see God. Why God is an "IT" and not a "HE." How all things are ultimately united. Experiencing the Sefirot above consciousness. God as the Shekhel HaPoal, the Active Mind of existence. How "ultimate" God is not His Name, and yet how IT is ONE with His Name. The "blue light" of Sapphire.

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