The Book of Isaiah, Lesson 7


The Book of Isaiah, Lesson 7

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The Book of Isaiah, Lesson 7, Chapter 7

The Sign of Emmanuel, the Chosen Child.

King Ahaz of Judea is in serious trouble. His two northern neighbors, Syria, and his fellow Israelites (the Northern Kingdom) have joined forced against him, and seek to topple his government, and to replace (and most likely kill) him. Judea as a nation has fallen. Casualties are over a hundred thousand. Ahaz is desperate. He needs an immediate solution!

In comes Isaiah and proclaims that Ahaz has nothing to worry about and that God will provide. Ahaz is not a religious man, and he has no faith in Isaiah's promise. Isaiah responds and says that God is going to give the king a sign that these two invaders will themselves be defeated, and that Jerusalem and his government will remain intact. Thus, the prophet points to a pregnant woman standing by, and declares that she will give birth to a son; he will be named Emmanuel, and by the time he is a toddler, the two invading forces will be no more. Thus, the sign is natural, and imminent.

Centuries later along comes Matthew, the student of Yeshu (Jesus), and applies this sign to his rebbe. Historically, this cannot be so, so what on Earth was Matthew thinking? This class answers this question with a review of Judaic methods of Torah interpretation, and how these differ from the Christian. The concept of a virgin birth is discussed in detail from the Jewish point of view.

This class discusses the foundational difference between Jewish and Christian understandings of the sign of the chosen child, spoken of in verse 14.

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