The Book of Isaiah, Lesson 6


The Book of Isaiah, Lesson 6

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The Book of Isaiah, Lesson 6, Chapter 6

The Throne Vision, the Initiation of a Prophet.

This lesson addresses prophetic initiation, and reveals the actual nature of the prophetic revelation, and the prophet's mission. Prophetic revelation begins with the mind of the prophet achieving what today some might call “cosmic consciousness.” In this state the mind of the prophet experiences the Singular Universal Conscious Force (YHWH) that acts through all the forces of nature (Tzva'ot). The prophet merges with this Singularity in a state called Kedusha (holiness), which is the alignment of the individual with the Collective, enabling the prophetic spirit to materialize the powers of expanded consciousness (prophecy), better understood today as psychic, or clairvoyant powers. The test of the prophet is to internally embrace and to publicly represent the necessary balance between the ears (rational intelligence), the eyes (imagination), and the heart (emotions). This lesson explains in detail the prophetic calling in its proper universal, psychological form, and its application to modern spiritual instruction.

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