The Book of Isaiah, Lesson 5

The Book of Isaiah, Lesson 5

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The Book of Isaiah. Lesson 5, Chapter 5

Isaiah's intense insight into the the consequences of an irresponsible, and corrupt lifestyle. How poor personal choice at the individual, or collective level leads to a complete sense of disassociation from natural law, and thus from the benefits of a balanced life. How a skewered mind sees all surround reality in a light which is completely out of sync with realities actual nature.

The psychological causes of addiction, the psychology of the inner spark of Mashiah.

This class takes this lesson about ancient history and shows how the underlying psychological problems that caused societal collapse in the past, still plague us today creating for modern societies the same challenges of the past, with the same terrible consequences to come, unless we learn from the past, to change our individual, and collective ways.

Many applications to modern society are mentioned to drive home the perennial psychological nature of Isaiah's foresight and prophecy.   

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