The Book of Isaiah, Lesson 4


The Book of Isaiah, Lesson 4

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The Book of Isaiah. Lesson 4, Chapter 3:13- 5:10

The Natural Consequences of Immorality, and How it Contributes to Social Collapse. Disaster befall societies not due to any supernatural Heavenly intervention, but rather by nature taking its course, without Divine prevention. Societies fall under the weight of their own faults, imbalances, and injustice.

This lesson focuses on the need for proper female role models to inspire women of all ages, to dispel the present spirit of feminine immorality, and arrogance, and how this attitude contributes to societal collapse. Societal collapse leads to outbreaks of violence, and war, where death tolls are catastrophic. Isaiah's insight into human behavior, that which he observed in his day, is perennially psychological, and is applicable in every generation, thus making it prophetic.

As is his way, Isaiah always includes promises of comfort and protection for those whom he considers to be the righteous. One of his main messages is that regardless of how bad societal ills become, God never abandons those who remain righteous, and thus faithful to Him. God's salvation is not upon the ritually religious, but upon those whose social behavior is ethical, moral, and righteous.

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