The Book of Isaiah, Lesson 3


The Book of Isaiah, Lesson 3

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Lesson 3 – Chapter 2:10-3:12. The End of Days, and Signs of the Fall of Civilization.

Isaiah's profound insight enabled him to see a time of global realignment, and human reintegration. This has become known as the messianic age, but here in this chapter there is no mention of a messiah. There is only mention of the fall of evil people. This lesson offers a general overview of the advent of Mashiah, and asks the question how such an intervention in human history would be interpreted. Would it be considered an alien invasion? Will it indeed be one?

Isaiah then outlines the signs of the collapse of ancient Judean society, signs, the likes of which have repeated themselves throughout history leading to the collapse of civilizations Mention of the Watchers (from Daniel), and their influence on the minds of people, that lead to the signs referenced by Isaiah. The dangers of youth worship. The dangers of disrespect, mockery, and imposition dominance.

Many references, and examples to modern times are discussed, with discussions of present relevant, hotly contested issues. The lesson ends with a call for sanity.

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