The Book of Isaiah, Lesson 2


The Book of Isaiah, Lesson 2

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Lesson 2 – Chapter1:24 – 2:9. Social moral responsibility. The purpose of hard times (judgment?) is to refine, not to inflict suffering. The path to social restoration revolves around justice, and charity. Isaiah's focus is always on moral issues, and not ritual concerns. The difference between a poshe'ah (one who harms with intent), and a hoteh (one who succumbs to temptation), what consequences results from their choices. Ancient sexual ritual observances.

The great ideal for the future. Isaiah's vision for a world united, without war, or war-craft, when all would seek wisdom and guidance from Law, and God. Yet, Isaiah does not mention here a Mashiah, and although many interpret this to be a messianic prophecy, the literal text does not support such a literal reading.

The place of divination and occult manipulations in ancient Israel. Isaiah blames these for the fall of the nation. The quantum nature of reality is circumvented by forbidden fortune-telling. The influence of Babylonia and Persian cultures on ancient Israel.

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