The Book of Isaiah, Lesson 1


The Book of Isaiah, Lesson 1

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Lesson 1. Chapter 1:1-23. Isaiah, an introduction into prophecy and prophetic missions. The mindset of the prophet. Putting the Biblical book in its proper context, while exploring its many embellished interpretations.
Isaiah describes the psychic impact of religious hypocrisy, and social injustice on the nation. God is not pleased with, does not desire religious activity performed by individuals who lack moral character.

Isaiah taps into the collective psyche of the Judean nation, and sees its psychological, moral sickness. His graphic description is intended to be an emotional jab to the heart, to arouse a change in behavior.

This lesson explains the basic focus of Hebraic thinking, and shows how Isaiah's moral message was a perennial lesson for all times. This is what makes it prophecy, not that it predicts the future, but rather it exposes the true, deeper levels of the condition of the human soul.

Also included is a quick polemic discussing the need of blood sacrifice as understood in Judaism, and Christianity.

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