Israel and Humanity, Lesson 9

Israel and Humanity, Lesson 9

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Lesson 9 – Evolving Human History, the Torah Ideal of the Future.

The meaning of the Hebrew term Derekh (way), and its relationship to the Chinese term, the Dao. Humanity is on an evolutionary path of psychological, spiritual growth. By following the “way,” one follows the natural order, the “laws of cosmic Torah,” and the Dao, all at once.

Why resurrection is such a vital Torah belief. Discussion of the haluka d'rabbanan (astral) body, whether or not it has en element of physicality to it. Example of Rabbi Yehuda the Prince and his post-death Sabbath visits.

The two Trees in the Garden, and their connection to one another. The example of the serpent. The Kabbalistic metaphor of the “shattering of the vessels,” and what it actually means ove the course of human history.

Original sin in Christianity, and how differently it is understood in Judaism.

The need for hope of a positive future. Even the Pre-Adamic civilization needed to reveal its hidden shadow for the sake of its rectification (and that's where we are today).

How and why the klipah comes first before the “fruit,” and what this means in the life of the individual, and in society.

Secret of Yeshu's gospel, Gospel of Thomas. Relationship of Yeshu to actions of Elisha Aher. Revealing things publicly prior to the public's ability to handle the revelation. How knowledge is revealed progressively, until final exposure in messianic times.

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