Israel & Humanity, Lesson 3


Israel & Humanity, Lesson 3

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Israel & Humanity – the Quest for Universal Torah, by R. Elijah Benamozegh Lesson 3 – Ancient Mystery Teachings, Torah, Freemasonry & the Ultimate Singularity. End chapter 1- beginning chapter 2. There is a definite connection between many of the teachings of ancient mystery religions and the teachings of ancient Torah, and even original Rabbinic Judaism. How and why did these connections come about. We discuss the underlying universal teachings that the ancient schools taught, and how they are continued to modern day in Freemasonry. How freemasonry has a close relationship to the Noahide code, and how it has adopted much from mystical Judaism. Reference to “The History of Freemasonry” by Albert Mackey. R. Benamozegh states that the answer to the problems faced in modern religions can be found in the Kabbalistic experience of the Ultimate Singularity, which is the Being of the universe. This is YHWH, God, the Creator. Emphasis is on experience, not theory, theology or philosophy.

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