Israel and Humanity, Lesson 13

Israel and Humanity, Lesson 13

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Israel & Humanity – the Quest for Universal Torah, by R. Elijah Benamozegh

Lesson 13 – Creation: the Doctrine of Human Cooperation

What does it mean to cooperate with God? What does it mean to be a partner with God in creation?

This lesson addresses in-depth issues of how we human beings perceive our world, and how this perception either adds to, or subtracts from, our harmony with nature, and thus with God.

God's Law and natural law are one, so too man's law must be part of this unity.

The secret of the Great Unity, how all is created by God, and how dichotomy is only a human mental construct.

Human beings influence all reality, this is the quantum nature of things.
How prayer works, how the mind actually influences reality all around us.

The meaning of the Kabbalistic term, Zeir Anpin (the Small Face) of God, and how this relates to what God told Moses about no man being able to see God's Face and live. This is explained in detail.

All reality is a singular whole, this lessons delves deeply into this concept.

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