Israel and Humanity, Lesson 11

Israel and Humanity, Lesson 11

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Israel & Humanity – the Quest for Universal Torah, by R. Elijah Benamozegh

Lesson 11 – The Teleological Evolution of the Universe, our Planet, and all Humanity

This class begins with a discussion of the nature of schizophrenia, the flight v. fight response, and how the exploration of these led to the discovery of the collective unconscious and the teleological direction to psychological individuation, and how this is mirrored in the collective direction of the whole.

An in-depth discussion into the Torah concept of the Shemitot, the progressive evolution of the universe. Reference to two of my essays, and

Involved discussion about inner Earth, and how the messianic era will be the dawn of the next Shemitah epoch.

What is missing between Gen.1:1, and Gen.1:2.

Humanity is considered a microcosm of the universe, therefore the universe is considered the macrocosm of humanity. Humanity and the universe are united as spouses joined for the betterment of each other.

This class looks at the big picture, the collective direction of humanity, and includes a practical lesson about how distractions are nothing other than part and parcel of the greater plan.

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