Israel and Humanity, Lesson 10


Israel and Humanity, Lesson 10

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Israel & Humanity – the Quest for Universal Torah, by R. Elijah Benamozegh

Lesson 10 – The Evolving Torah, from Bible to Judaism, and Beyond

Part 2, Chapter 3b- Religion, like life itself, is a product of evolution. Evolution as a biological progression is clearly supported by the Torah. Evolution occurs equally in the human arena, in the domains of both religion and psychology.

Religions, including Torah evolve, they change, adapt and grow, all in accordance to Intelligent Design. The Torah of Moses was different, and more advanced than the Torah of the Patriarchs, which evolved from the Torah of Noah, which evolved from the Torah of Adam.

Religious evolution is progressive and teleological. The purpose is to reveal the concealed. Metaphysics will become physics, the supernatural will become the natural, all in the future messianic age. Science will unlock the secrets of today, making them the known facts of tomorrow.

The Torah of today has evolved through centuries of interpretation and new applications. The meaning and purpose of the Hidush, new insight.

The Talmudic concept of a Sage being superior to the prophet, how one who can enter and exit in peace is superior to the one who wait outside until he is invited in.

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