Secret of the Four who Ascended into the Pardes, Lesson 2


Secret of the Four who Ascended into the Pardes, Lesson 2

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This lesson begins with a discussion of the subtle nuances of mind divided between the conscious and the unconscious. These are explained with the Kabbalistic terminologies of Zeir Anpin and Nukba applied to them. The rectification of the “fall of Adam” is discussed in proper psychological detail, with me giving examples of personal meditative experiences, and directions for practice. Mention is made of collective human memories and what is often called the Akashic Records, and why psychic intuitive “memories” cannot always be relied upon as actually being personal. This is explained within the class. Ben Azzai is the first of the four Sages to ascend above. His ascent failed, and it caused him his life. Rabbi Akiva ascended and was able to descend in peace, we discuss why this was so, and show the overlap between internal meditation and external merkava ascent. The two can never, ever be divorced from one another. This lesson again places emphasis on not only analyzing the kabbalistic concepts of Rabbi Hayim Vital, but also how, when properly understood, these concepts can be applied in real life to enable us to make safe, and proper spiritual ascents and repairs on our own.

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