Teachings of the Gaon of Vilna, Lesson 8


Teachings of the Gaon of Vilna, Lesson 8

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Sensing the Times, Messianic Tribulations. Even Sh'lemah, Chapter 11, Part 2. Becoming psychically sensitive and intuitive is essential, especially in these times if we wish to sense and feel the flow of events that are leading to hard times to come. The real difference between Pshat and Sod, not different topics of study, but rather two different ways of studying any topic. Mashiah ben Yosef, who and what is he really, and what it means for him to come. Mashiah ben David, what it means for his advent. The comprehensive change and shift in humanity and the world due to the explosive elevation and expansion of consciousness that comes when humanity collectively evolves in the messianic era. How we can begin this process in the here and now. Overcoming psychic blockages to cultivate intuitive sensitivities. The meal of the Leviathan, Moses and universal knowledge.

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