Teachings of the Gaon of Vilna, Lesson 6


Teachings of the Gaon of Vilna, Lesson 6

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Gra 6 3/18/13. Secrets of Life after Death. Part 2. What are Heaven, Hell, Gehinom, the River Dinur and All Stops in Between. Even Sh'lemah, Chapter 10. The purpose of life and the purpose of death. What exactly are Heaven and Hell, why they are not permanent states. What it is like for both good and bad people to die, and what each faces in the “great light” beyond. The good embrace the fire for its warmth, the bad flee the fire for it burns. The “great light” is thus either Heaven or Hell depending upon each individual. Why there is reincarnation. What is the lower Garden of Eden and the upper Garden. What is the lower Gehinom and the upper Gehinom. What is the passage through the River Dinur. Relating all this to the Kabbalistic terminologies of the worlds of Asiyah, Yetzirah and Beriah. The true nature of souls and the relationship between human souls, and our higher selves, our Magids (spiritual guides) and the collective race of “angels” called the Metatron. Inner Earth, daemons and parallel dimensions. All of these things are covered in this one lesson.

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