Sha'ar HaPesukim, Ezekiel, Lesson 2


Sha'ar HaPesukim, Ezekiel, Lesson 2

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Sha'ar HaPesukim, Ezekiel, Secret of Cain Souls, Lesson 2 – Cain souls emanate from one of the highest domains, in the concealed realms. As such they have a hard time being able to materialize properly and fully here on Earth, symbolized as being united in female form (Eve). The Cain personality is born in a state of psychological frustration sensing within how difficult life is for them to manifest their fullness of their being, within the limitations presently imposed on them. This leads to imbalanced thoughts, feelings and actions, (the klipot of BeY'Ah). Also discussed is the original descent of Cain souls to Inner Earth. Rabbi Avraham Azulai on Inner Earth, and the numerous hybrid life forms that exist there. The origins of the Shedim, and their agenda of rectification.

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