Sha'ar HaPesukim, Ezekiel, Lesson 1


Sha'ar HaPesukim, Ezekiel, Lesson 1

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Sha'ar HaPesukim, Ezekiel, Secrets of Cain Souls. Lesson 1 – First, an explanation of Kabbalistic symbolisms and how they must be extracted from their cultural context and understood as universal psychological archetypes. Cain souls are the souls of Adam, the first man. This is a metaphor for a certain personality type, the aggressive, and how it needs to be balanced. Are personality types inherent from birth or a product of one's environment, or in Kabbalah language, there is a difference between souls that emanate exclusively from the male (in the form of wasted seed), and those born of a balance between male and female. All Kabbalah needs to be understood properly, outside of religious mythology, in order for its universal message to be able to be embraced.

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