Exodus, Chapter 11 - 12


Exodus, Chapter 11 - 12

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Exodus 11 – 12. The Plague of Darkness and the Archetypes of the Passover. What was the plague of darkness? Was it a natural phenomena or a supernatural one? While no one can say for sure, there is no evidence to indicate anything natural about it. Pharaoh knew that Egypt as a social/economic power was broken, but he still desperately held on to the Egyptian religion, represented by their firstborn. This is why the firstborn were targeted for the final punishment. Killing the firstborn broke the Egyptian connection with their religion, and their entire archetypal world view. Archetypes are psychological symbols of power. This is what the original passover symbols were all about, and equally why the Passover Seder still observed by Jews to this day involve all kinds of symbols. These are archetypes, which we call the tattoos embedded and engraved directly into the soul. This class discusses the psychic importance of the Passover observance.

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