Exodus, Chapter 3


Exodus, Chapter 3

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Exodus 3: Revelations of the Burning Bush. Sinai has a supernatural reputation prior to the giving of Torah, to this day it is some kind of dimensional vortex, maybe similar to the Bermuda Triangle. Sinai's location, not what is believed. The angel of the burning bush, and its relationship to the Metatron species. Moses' higher self, and Magid teacher. More about the Metatron collective, and its role in Judaism, Christianity and Kabbalah. Why Moses had to remove his shoes, the nature of holiness as an energy calibration. YHWH, God's plan revealed in history. The meaning and significance of the Name, “I Am that I Am.” Readings from Josephus, Yonatan ben Uziel, Sefer Tziyuni and the Guide to the Perplexed (Moreh Nebukhim) of RaMBaM.

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