Etz Hayim, Sha'ar Kitzur Abeya, Lesson 8


Etz Hayim, Sha'ar Kitzur Abeya, Lesson 8

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The Secret of the Hashmal (Chapter 6) Higher dimensions and lowers dimensions are referred to as the inside and outside of worlds. There are souls, there are angels, and there are daemons (shedim), who are not the minions of Satan, but rather other life forms. They are related to forms of life here on Earth, and interact with galactic forces in the operations of the universe. Secrets of how a Golem is made. The Hashmal is the garment that descends from above, and is in actuality a third body, inside the Klipah Nogah body. Hesed is YHWH, Gevurah is ADNY, they are mouth and tongue, voice and speech, together they are YAHDWNHY. How this is used as a practical visualization technique. The ascent of the worlds, in consciousness, on Shabat, a taste of Sha'ar HaKavanot. Worlds only ascend in the mind, how is what is explained.

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