Etz Hayim, Sha'ar Kitzur Abeya, Lesson 6


Etz Hayim, Sha'ar Kitzur Abeya, Lesson 6

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The Commandments, Psychic Energy & Natural Health, Part 2 (Chapter 4) The symbolic relationship between spiritual energy and physical body organs. Reference to the Sefer Yetzirah correspondences between space (the physical), time and consciousness. Understanding good and evil best as opposing energy polarities, like positive and negative. Each is “good” in its own way, and each can be “bad” when taken or used inappropriately or misaligned. More about traditional “folk” medicine, with its origins in ancient Greece, (practiced by Maimonides), and how similar it is to modern traditional oriental (Chinese) medicine, which as a system often works as good as, if not better than western medicine. How Qi meditations are a positive factor with regards to neutralizing the yetzer hara, and strengthening the yetzer hatov.

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